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This Description of Procedure for Using the Queue Management Information System for Vehicles Waiting to Cross the State Border of Finland shall establish the procedure for using the queue management system for vehicles waiting to cross the state border of Finland in the Vaalimaa Border Checkpoint (hereinafter referred to as EVPA).

The use of the EVPA Services is mandatory for all freight car category vehicles. All this category vehicles must have booking in the EVPA in order to cross the border from Finland to Russia in Vaalimaa.

The use of the EVPA Services is not required for any other category vehicles than Freight cars.

EVPA border crossing time booking service is free of charge except for possible telecommunications or other connection related costs.


EVPA  – information system for managing a common border queue
Priority queue – this is formed by vehicles/ drivers, who have the right to cross the border in the first priority queue. You will have to prove your right for the priority queue to the border officer at the border checkpoint.
 Reservation – electronic place in the waiting line
 Making a reservation – taking a place in the electronic waiting line
 Reservation time – period of time chosen for going to the border checkpoint
 Pre-reservation – reservation for a certain time (date, period of time)
 Live queue – reservation at the first opportunity available
 Waiting area – an official parking lot before the border, in which passing through is obligatory


 EVPA Services may be used through the following channels:

1)   EVPA website interface,

2)   Call Center,

3)   Self Service Terminals, or

4)   GoSwift personel Servicies

EVPA website www.evpa.fi contains information about the available border crossing times at the border checkpoints, as well as about the queues of vehicles waiting for border crossing.

An EVPA website user can reserve an available border crossing time period and submit the necessary data to the EVPA website. The reservation shall be confirmed if the relevant vehicle does not already have an active reservation in EVPA.

When a vehicle arrives to the Waiting Area on the reserved time, EVPA shall register the vehicle for border crossing and shall invite it by LED displays to proceed to the border crossing point.

EVPA shall also register vehicles that have not reserved time for border crossing and that have arrived to the Waiting Area. They shall wait in a live queue until the LED displays will invite them to move to the border crossing point.

Reservation into live queue takes place by visiting GoSwift Service Cabin in Vaalimaa.

As a registered user of EVPA it is possible to send feedback and be a consecutive user of EVPA.


An EVPA website user who wishes to reserve a border crossing time shall select an available time slot (one hour time slot) and specify the category of the vehicle crossing the border:

A – motorcycles;
B – passenger cars;
C – freight cars;
D – buses;

As written in “General Provisions” the use of EVPA is not required by any other category vehicles than freight cars(C).

The user shall also provide the vehicle license plate number and his or her full name (first name and last name). The EVPA website shall confirm the reservation, issue a reservation number and specify the time when the vehicle has to arrive at the Waiting Area. One vehicle can have only one place in the queue at a time.

A corporate client user can use data that have been entered into EVPA during its registration phase for making a reservation. Such data for corporate drivers is company name, company registration number, drivers names and vehicle register numbers.

A reservation can be modified only 3 times, but not later than three hours before the selected time. In order to modify the reservation the user has to enter the reservation number, details of the driver and the vehicle license plate number.

With respect to C category vehicles a non-registered user can modify the border crossing time and the data of the driver.

A user can cancel a reservation by entering the reservation number, details of the driver and the vehicle license plate number.

A reservation shall be cancelled if the vehicle does not arrive to the Waiting Area during the reserved time.

A vehicle shall drive to the border crossing point and the road signs shall direct it to the Waiting Area. When the vehicle arrives to the Waiting Area it shall stop at the traffic light and its number plate shall be scanned. If the number plate scanning fails, the driver will be instructed to drive to the live queue area in the Waiting Area and the driver shall visit the Service Cabin and register the vehicle manually.

If the vehicle has arrived more than 10 minutes later than the reserved time, the reservation shall be cancelled and the vehicle shall be directed to the live queue.

If the vehicle arrives on time, the vehicle identification number shall be scanned and the vehicle will be admitted to the Waiting Area.

If the vehicle has not registered in advance for border crossing, the vehicle identification number shall be scanned at the Waiting Area and the vehicle shall be directed to a live queue area.

The vehicle identification numbers of priority vehicles, which have registered in advance to border crossing, shall also be scanned at the entrance to the Waiting Area and they shall be directed at the earliest opportunity to the border crossing point.

The process of border crossing depends on various factors and therefore the invitation to proceed to the border crossing point may take place later than at the reserved time.

After the vehicle has been invited to the border crossing point it shall drive to the exit of the Waiting Area, where its number plate shall be scanned.


EVPA users may be registered or nonregistered users. Additionally users may also register as a corporate client users.

Registered users shall include natural and legal persons who have filled out an electronic form on the EVPA website and thus concluded an agreement on EVPA services.

Non-registered users shall include natural persons and legal entities who use EVPA services but who have not concluded an EVPA service agreement.

Corporate client users are legal entities which, after having registered as corporate client by filling an electronic form with their company data, will be able to do, follow and update reservations on company level. Corporate client user is able to use EVPA as authorized user representing the company in question.

How it works?

Freight traffic (mandatory service):

  • Pre-Reserve queue​
    Allows the reserving of a border crossing time for a certain day and hour.
  • Priority Queue​
    You will have to prove your right for a Priority queue slot at the border.
  • Live Queue​
    You can reserve a place in the queue when you arrive at Vaalimaa truck waiting area.


Booking options:

  • Internet - Make a booking.
  • Self-service terminals​ - Port of Kotka, Port of Hamina, Vaalimaa Truck Waiting Area.