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Registration takes place on site at our Vaalimaa waiting area self-service kiosk.


Press release 25 March 2021

Advance booking service for goods traffic to end at the Vaalimaa border crossing – a truck park control system will be introduced on 7 April 2021

On 6 April, the advance booking service for goods traffic (www.evpa.fi) will come to an end in its current form at the Vaalimaa border crossing. It will temporarily be replaced by a truck park control system. The authorities and Fintraffic Road Ltd are investigating an implementation model that would enable the advance booking service to continue at a later date. The advance booking service in Vaalimaa was a pilot for goods traffic at border crossings and is now coming to end. The border crossing was able to receive advance notification of incoming goods traffic via self-service points, the evpa.fi website or a 24/7 phone line. No decisions have yet been made on the model that will follow the temporary truck park control system. More information will be released as plans progress.

A truck park control system will be introduced on 7 April

On 7 April, a temporary truck park control system will be introduced for goods traffic at the Vaalimaa border crossing.
This is how the temporary truck park control system will work at the Vaalimaa border crossing:
Heavy goods vehicles arriving at the Vaalimaa border crossing should follow the signage directing them to the truck park’s self-service points. Drivers should use these self-service points to register by providing the following information:


  • - vehicle registration number
  • - driver’s mobile phone number
  • - any details concerning high-priority deliveries
After registering, drivers will be directed to wait their turn in the truck park. Each truck will be notified of its turn at the Customs point via a text message sent to the mobile phone number provided by the driver. The truck’s registration number will be shown on the displays in the truck park.
While the temporary truck park control system is in use, it will no longer be possible to use the advance booking service via the self-service points, evpa.fi website or 24/7 phone line.
Information in the truck park control system for goods traffic will be deleted within an hour after the vehicle has left the Customs point and the area.
More information for the media:
Fintraffic Road: Aapo Anderson, CEO (tel. +358 (0)400 853 011)
Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency: Juuso Kummala, Division Director (tel. +358 (0)40 770 9905)


Press release 20 June 2017


The pre-booking service is in use again in Vaalimaa and all trucks arriving at the border must have a ready booking or have to register for the live queue on-site.

Starting from 20.06.2017 the registration for border crossing is mandatory, the registration can be done via GoSwift service kiosks which are located in the truck waiting area. When arriving to waiting area and when the registration is done, truck drivers must wait until they are summoned to the border crossing point. Pre-registering will star from 26.06.2017 pre-registration could be done via phone or via service website.

Due to the opening of new truck waiting area at Vaalimaa border check point the GoSwift pre-booking service will be in transition to new location starting from 01.01.17 .

The service will be available as soon as possible but at latest on 01.05.17. GoSwift team will apologize for any inconvenience.


The new lorry parking area and heavy traffic routes will be introduced in Vaalimaa, Finland, on January 4th, 2017 at 12:00

The new road system is set to streamline the traffic at the border between Finland and Russia.

A new lorry park, which is to be the waiting area for heavy traffic and the associated routes are to be opened for traffic on  January 4th, 2017 at 12:00. The new lorry parking area offers 410 parking spaces when entering Russia and 51 when entering Finland. The area includes toilet and shower facilities for the drivers.  The use of the lorry parking area is free of charge.

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How it works?

Freight traffic (mandatory service):

  • Pre-Reserve queue​
    Allows the reserving of a border crossing time for a certain day and hour.
  • Priority Queue​
    You will have to prove your right for a Priority queue slot at the border.
  • Live Queue​
    You can reserve a place in the queue when you arrive at Vaalimaa truck waiting area.


Booking options:

  • Internet - Make a booking.
  • Self-service terminals​ - Port of Kotka, Port of Hamina, Vaalimaa Truck Waiting Area.